NATUROM is a luxury skin care cosmetics range invented by a large international team of top scientists, medical doctors, biologists, cosmetologists and beauticians.

Having identified the specific skin care needs of our numerous clients and the respective gaps in the cosmetics market over the years, we decided to team up and meet the demand by designing and introducing the safest and most effective skin care cosmetic products globally.

Following 30 years in skin care cosmetics production, we can say how proud we are of having successfully created breakthrough skin care cosmetics which are authentically pure, yet provide spectacular results thanks to our own supreme cosmetic technology innovations.

An impressive average of 82% repeat sales -as opposed to the average 20-26% repeat sales of most world-renowned skin care cosmetic brands- stands as proof that NATUROM brings some really new and unique cosmetic properties to the marketplace, gaining the loyalty and appreciation of our customers.

Our complete range of herbal, natural cosmetics is specially designed to refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin or solve persistent skin problems at no risk.

In fact, we have such confidence in our products that we are happy to provide you with a free demonstration before you buy; the NATUROM experience can speak for itself.


Our ethos has always been to select the best quality raw materials, no matter the cost, to ensure the highest possible effectiveness and safety of our cosmetics.

The most refined natural ingredients are used in our products. We rule out the synthetic oils widely used by the cosmetic industry and, instead, we create our products with pure, organic, vegetal edible oils (olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, cornflower oil), which contain unparalleled precious essentials for the health of our skin; natural vitamins, amino-acids and trace minerals, all in the scientifically defined ideal proportions which provide optimum nourishment to the skin.

Our team of experts works tirelessly focused on your best interest, motivated to cover your specific skin care needs and even exceed your highest expectations from cosmetics, allowing you the privilege of maintaining your beauty, renewing your freshness and delaying the signs of ageing, all naturally and harmlessly.

Maintaining our scientific integrity takes priority to our business interests

We have made the choice to always use the highest quality ingredients, even if that means cutting down on our own profit margins, as we prefer to gain steady and moderate amounts of business from a large number of happy and returning consumers in the long term, than to cash in big on one occasion from a sale to a misled and therefore unhappy consumer who we would lose along the way.


Using the knowledge, experience and creative inventiveness of expert scientists, NATUROM is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics. We offer to our clients the prerequisites of lasting skin and hair health and beauty by calling forth the most advanced, breakthrough technology. Our luxury skin care range boasts a one-of-a-kind know-how which brings immediate and spectacular results.

Our secret of success is not one and only; it’s a combination of pioneering cosmetic production principles which we apply to our products that makes them so special.

The secret synthesis of your skin and hair, including their specific needs, have been decoded in our labs and matched to the gentle natural powers of pure herbal ingredients. That is how our products manage to enhance the biological mechanisms by sending reinforcements where you most need them.

Our formulas are based on DNA analysis of the factors that determine the appearance of the skin, which enables us to deal with any particular skin care concern individually.

NATUROM is the only skin care range globally with this unique, incomparable advantage, which seals our products with absolute quality and safety of use.

Furthermore, this thorough and systematic study of the skin and of an understanding of the reasons why other cosmetics fail to deal with its problems effectively, has led our experts to the discovery and implementation of the 8 globally unique key innovations of NATUROM.

All NATUROM products are microbiologically tested and certified by the official scientific institutions in compliance with EU rules and regulations.

Our high quality, luxury cosmetics contain:
  • Completely natural powerful ingredients
  • Natural organic extracts in high dilution for best skin tolerance and product safety
  • Organically cultivated edible oils with beneficial nurturing properties
  • High technology raw materials exhibiting remarkable results
  • Proven product effectiveness documented with in vivo and in vitro studies
    (reduction of the quantity and surface extent of wrinkles / immediate and long-term hydration / skin firming / deep skin nutrition and skin toning / protection against environmental pollution / skin stress reduction / black circle and bag reduction around the eyes / puffy eye reduction / expression wrinkle reduction / immediate tightening of the epidermis / anti ageing, lifting Botox-like effect at cosmetic level / whitening effect / UVA and UVB protection / anti free radical activity / dermal microcirculation enhancement / elasticity / natural dermal collagen synthesis enhancement / dermal cell oxygen consumption increase / dermal metabolism activation / hair roots hydration and oxygenation / hair trunk hydration)

  • No animal substances, with the exception of a single specialized product which contains special quality caviar
  • No chemical preservatives and no parabens
  • No mineral oils, propylene glycol or isothiazolinone

Cosmetics are simple types of creams, made of oil and water.

As we know, oil and water cannot be mixed; if we shake them vigorously together, we get an emulsion which is very unstable and if we let it rest for a while, the two ingredients will once again become separated from each other. In order to mix oil and water permanently and form a cream, we need an emulsifier (thickener) which will help the two substances homogenize and turn into a cream.

Anyone can easily make cosmetics in their own kitchen.

You can make your own simply and easily. Put an oil of your choice in a pan and pure, filtered water in another. What kind of oil will you choose to prepare your own cosmetics? Are you going to use the oil left over in the frying pan from your French fries, or the grease in the pan from the meat you cooked? Or, maybe, the raw fat you cut from the meat before cooking it? Chances are you would rather use quality oil that you put in your food, in your salads, and indeed use it fresh, raw, prior to any other use.

Now, buy an emulsifier from the market. You can find natural, herbal, artificial or chemical emulsifiers. The choice is up to you. Warm the oil and water separately, up to 60° C. Add a small quantity of emulsifier into the oil and stir until it starts to dissolve. Then, with a soup ladle, slowly pour warm water into the oil and dissolved emulsifier, stirring continuously. The mixture will turn white and form an emulsion (milk). Add a little more water and after stirring very well, when it has entirely turned into white milk, take the pan off the heat and let it cool down at room temperature. After one hour the mixture will turn into a thick, white cream. This cream is your first homemade cosmetic product.

If you apply it to your face you won’t notice any special cosmetic results, since it lacks most of the cosmetic ingredients that would make it effective, but, no doubt, you hold in your hands one of the purest and most harmless cosmetics. You can be sure of its high quality, but it lacks the efficacy you seek in a good cosmetic product.

This is the chemistry and process behind cosmetics production, used by all skin care firms around the world. However, many cosmetics producers, even in the eclectic luxury skin care cosmetics niche, try to significantly lower their costs by using very cheap oils, such as oil derivatives or even animal waste products, such as animal fat, because they are free on the market and as they save companies from the expense of waste collection and recycling.

It is a sad truth that many take away restaurants keep waste oils, which are then used as ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

That means extravagant benefits for cosmetics producers; they are supplied with the basic raw materials for their products cost-free, while their other basic raw material, water, is also sourced almost cost-free.

The only neglected factor is that of the benefit or harm to the customer.

In order to produce an integrated cosmetic, other ingredients possessing cosmetic properties apart from oil and water are also used. Those that are oil-soluble are added to the oil, whereas water- soluble ingredients are added to the water. These cosmetic ingredients are classified as natural, herbal, semi-synthetic, artificial and chemical. It is known that natural, herbal ingredients are more expensive than semi-synthetic, artificial and chemical ones. Therefore, those cosmetic producers who aim at drastic cost reduction and great profit increase employ the cheap raw materials. On the contrary, cosmetic producers who aim at creating high quality products, limiting their profits to benefit their customer without focusing on the cost, employ the more expensive, effective and harmless raw materials; namely the herbal, natural raw materials.

So, which raw materials would you prefer to use in your homemade cosmetics? Would you choose chemical, dangerous substances or rather natural, herbal, effective and harmless ingredients? Wouldn’t you always want the best, purest, most effective and most harmless ingredients?

That is precisely what NATUROM does. We produce our cosmetics as you would prepare your own; as pure, as efficient, and as innocent; using only selected, authentic raw materials.

Based on this philosophy, NATUROM uses only edible oils, all of certified biological or organic cultivation, which are even purer than the ones most of us actually eat in our daily meals.

NATUROM also uses the purest natural, herbal raw materials, since we give priority to the customer’s interest rather than our own profits.

This very selective production process, matched with our medical team’s breakthrough cosmetic innovations, raises NATUROM to the top of the most advanced and effective cosmetics ranges on the global market.